Olivia started treading the path of yoga in 2003 after her daughter’s birth. She realized quite quickly the importance it could have in her life and began to study with yoga masters in order to share her passion. Her teaching is nurtured with various practices and schools of thought, for example Vinyasa and Iyengar Yoga.

In 2011, she meets Sri Andrei Ram who would become her master and change completely her approach and practice of yoga. With him she learns the simplicity of a yoga focused on tradition that goes beyond an approach based only on postures (asanas).

Her classes include breathing techniques (pranayama), mantras, guided meditation, an understanding of the koshas (energetic anatomy) and chakras. Guided by love, a good sense of humour, non violence and understanding, Olivia will help you reach harmony and peace between body and mind.

She will encourage you to go deeper in your practice without recklessness and explore your full energetic potential. By sharing her passion Olivia would like to create and generate well-being, joy and sincerity for the benefit of all her fellow humans.