Will’s passion for studying body movement began at the age of eighteen in his former career as a professional Skydiving Instructor. For years skydiving and base jumping allowed him to express himself creatively and competitively as well as to study the unlimited possibilities of human movement. After the loss of several close friends, he began to feel less at ease in the sky and sought to continue his study of mobility and creativity with rock climbing, free diving and Yoga.

Will moved from the United States to Europe in 2008 to experience life in another country and start a family. 

His own exploration of yoga is best expressed in the words of Patanjali “Yoga chitta vritti nirodha” as “Yoga is an end to the constant movement of the mind”. For William Yoga not only allowed him to discover himself physically, but also helped to cultivate his spiritual side. His classes are mainly flows of postures linked together which allow his students to quiet the movement of their minds. Today, he feels truly privileged to work in a field in which his contribution has a meaningful and positive impact on the world and own surroundings.