Andrea was first introduced to yoga by her aunt Chela (a yoga teacher) when she was 12. They travelled together when Andrea went to India for the first time.

Some people describe their encounter with yoga as love at first sight and once they start they cannot imagine life without it. That was not the case for Andrea because she turned away from it many times. After a few years of battling with bulimia and anorexia, she went back to yoga and meditation which then became an essential part of her life.

Having regained her health Andrea started reading about contemplative therapies and their methods to heal physical as well as psychological maladies. Her studies and research in medicine allowed her to assimilate the principles of anatomy and biomechanics and apply them in the preparation of her yoga classes. Her teaching integrates the 8 branches of yoga within a vinyasa guided by the breath. You will sometimes have to explore your mental and physical limits but you will learn to do it with compassion as well as being and staying in touch with yourself.

Andrea’s goal is to serve and be able to create an atmosphere for her students that will encourage them to connect with their inner self and their ability to go beyond their body.