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Simon Park Workshop

  • SO HAM YOGA STUDIO 5 Rue des Maraîchers Genève, GE, 1205 Switzerland (map)

Simon Park


From 6:30pm to 9:00pm

Flow with the Force - Freestyle Vinyasa Workshop

A Vinyasa Flow practice that is a blend of classical and modern styles. Practice dynamic asana as a movement meditation in an open system that guides the student to feel the Yoga practice as an unscripted adventure. There is a focus on the inner workings of the breath on the body and mind; artful and creative transitions that add elegance to the flow of the practice. Alignment is detailed and energetic, yet adaptive for the individual practitioner. The principles of Vinyasa Krama are used to create an evolutionary practice that is appropriate for students of all levels.


From 10:00am to 12:30am

Freedom On The Edge - Inversions + Arm Balances ( Sat morning )

Inversions and Arm Balances are pure expression of creative energy flowing through the body. Experience fearless flying, pranic body of power, agility and lightness. Float effortlessly by integrating physical + energetic alignment, dynamic movement with bandha and intelligent Krama sequencing. Learn a pathway of flows within a powerful Vinyasa workshop so that you can evolve to enjoying handstands, inversions and flying transitions in the center of the room with creative energy and empowered vitality. This workshop is for all levels from adventurous beginners to handstand monkeys!

From 2:30pm TO 5:30pm

The Art of Assisting - (3 Hours Saturday afternoon)

Learn the approach towards transformation hands-on-assists with physical and energetic alignment. Assisting is a very important element of teaching; a great compliment to good verbal cues. It requires vision, precision, sensitivity, multiple points of awareness and an ego-free approach. A skillful touch as the power to transport your students to a whole new level of awareness. What could take years for a student to understand a particular action or movement, could be done with one precise, effective, supportive assist from a well-trained teacher.


From 2:00pm to 4:30pm

Liquid Flow Yoga - Restore Your Prana ( Sunday afternoon )

Enjoy a slowly developing, flowing sequence of postures that are fluidly powerful and energetically alive; a movement meditation for mental focus and overall lightness. Create space in the joints and spine, calm the nervous system and balance your energy. The asana flow is similar to the way tai-chi is practiced; slow, methodical and meditative. The practice seamlessly integrates fluid namaskars, deep hip-openers, restorative twisting, backbending and calming forward bends. Experience an evolution toward blissful relaxation, pranayama and meditation.


Simon Park began his Yoga journey in 1995 with Shiva Rea in the World Arts and Cultures Department at UCLA. Later acclaimed by Yoga Journal as "one of the most influential and gifted Yoga teachers of the next generation”, he has been leading workshops, teacher trainings, and retreats around the world since 2002. His free-style Vinyasa is fluid, intuitive, and encourages freedom through self-expression. Profoundly influenced by the teachings of Shiva Rea, Richard Freeman, Maty Ezraty, Joan White, and Dharma Mittra, 'Liquid Flow Yoga' feels like a beautiful dance between classical and modern Yoga. Dubbed the "Flying Nomad", he draws inspiration from road legends such as Jimi Hendrix, who said : "the Earth is my home”


1 class 70.-

2 classes 130.-

3 classes 180.-

Full weekend 210.-

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