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Ambra Vallo Workshop

  • So Ham Yoga Studio 5 Rue des Maraîchers Genève, GE, 1205 Switzerland (map)


With a career extending over more than 25 years as a ballerina performing on the world stage, Ambra Vallo has a wealth of experience and understanding of what it takes to perform at the highest level. 
Based in Birmingham, through Ambra Vallo Yoga and Ambrasana she now coaches dancers, athletes, businessmen and other individuals in how to achieve optimum performance and how to bring greater success and longevity to their careers.


From 10am to 12:30pm and 3pm to 5:30pm

Inversion workshop for handstand junkie wannabees

Awaken your inner potential to find your way comfortably into inversions and handstands. Do you want to do a handstand and you have no idea where to start? Beat the fear of going upside-down by understanding the mechanics of flight. In this workshop we will cover all the basics from hand placement and correct body positioning, through to the beneficial use of breath and bandhas to help you float up into an arrow-straight inversion.

You’ll explore how to activate the muscles and find the right alignment needed for safe inversions. Learn to link breath and movement and use control of the bhandas to lift and float into your practice.

With a focus on core and arm strength, arm balancing techniques, safe and graceful inversions from headstand to tripod and pincha to handstand, you have all the tools you need to become a handstand addict! Some will wave goodbye to the wall while others will find the pose for the first time with the wall.


From 10am to 1pm

The rocket "Playshop"

The Playshop will combine all the best bits of the famous Rocket's routines inspired by the Primary, Intermediate and Advance Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa, and then blends them into a faster, more highly charged power through the sequences. 

We'll break down the key poses of the Rocket series, adding modifications to make certain postures more accessible to newcomers, and at the same time playing with unusual transitions to add some extra challenge for those ready to play harder.

With the promise to get the juices flowing, this class is full of core and upper body strengthening drills, inversions, back bending and spinal twists to invigorate and awaken the nervous system.  

The class will culminate in a guided deep relaxation to get rid of any tension left in the body and make you feel rested and re-energised.

In this playshop, we’ll take the favourite bits of the sequence working on modifications to help you get into your first free-standing pincha, or for the regular inversion pilots we’ll flirt with the some of the more spicy transitions to make your progress through the sequence as graceful and seamless as possible… how about floating through a handstand on your way from Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward facing dog) to Astavakrasana (eight angle pose)



1 class 70.-

2 classes 130.-

Full weekend 190.- [Payment before September 5th 180.-]

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